September 13, 2021

How To Handle VIP And VVIP Arrivals In Hotels

Any establishment should treat its visitors and guests with due care and respect as a service provider. But sometimes, institutions host people that are considered very important people.

These guests may be frequent visitors, partners, big clients, politicians, celebrities, or corporate leaders. Having them as a guest for an establishment becomes a big feat. No one will want to make their first impression go wrong for these people. However, bookings are done well in advance, but some organizations do not endeavor to treat them differently. Sometimes, special guests require special attention and there is no harm in extending it as a professional courtesy. Therefore, here are some tips to welcome VIPs and VVIPs.



It is important for all the staff members, especially the concierge to know who is arriving and why this person is important for their organization. It will give them time to mentally prepare themselves and avoid any awkward situation. The visit should be updated on the official calendars. All the staff must be kept alert on the day of arrival and they should be reminded of the visits.

The concierge receiving the VIP or VVIP must recognize them and pre-fill the necessary details that have been furnished beforehand. Generally, details like name, address, phone number, social security number, passport, and visa details are provided to the hotel at the time of booking. Asking a VVIP for that will not leave a good impression. If the visit was not scheduled, tell the concierge to take necessary details from their secretary or people accompanying them.

Make them comfortable

All the things that usually take time should be sped up. Direct all the staff members to greet and receive the VIP or VVIP warmly with flowers. The check-in process should be seamless. To make it more personalized, the welcome should be orchestrated according to the culture of the VIP. For instance, if the hotel is going to receive a foreign dignitary from Malaysia, the hotel shall be prepared the welcome according to the Malay culture. Refurbishing their suite according to their taste and interest would be highly appreciated.

Anticipating their needs

Anticipating their needs

The VIP or VVIP person will have different needs. If they are coming for an event that might make them tired, the person shall be furnished with options that may help them to relax according to their schedule.

The hotel staff should help him to settle. If the entourage is coming from the airport, they shall be directed towards the bathroom, if they ask for it. Refreshments should be supplied after they have settled.

They might want to know about the security features of the hotel or information regarding the flow of traffic to plan their visit and journey. The entourage might want to know about the place.

For a lasting impression

If the visitor is coming for an official visit, make sure to have all the general equipment needed for a conference such as a room with Audiovisual support and screen, stationery, and sufficient working tables for the VIP and his entourage.

Katherine Hall

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