November 9, 2021

Things To Consider When Choosing Accommodation For A Picky Traveler

The place we decide to stay when holidays truly make or break our whole experience. Here are some considerations every traveler must take before choosing the accommodation to experience the best ever holiday.


Is your holiday a domestic one or an international one? Maybe you are heading out to urban, coastal, or mountainous regions.

Your holiday spot's location plays a large role in your decision for a hotel. If you are visiting the countryside, there may not be many options for hotels. Under such circumstances, home rentals are the next best option. If it is a large city you are traveling to, you will have plenty of options.

Also, the safety factor is crucial when finalizing your stay. Ensure that the hotel or the home rental is well-established. Otherwise, go for a shared form when the safety is questionable.



Budget highly influences the place of stay during the vacation. Opting for lower-budget options like hostels and dorms would be better than a luxurious tour experience to save money for the rest of the holiday. If there is a higher budget, experience the luxury of a hotel or rent a home.


Check out all the amenities that your hotel provides. Laundry, toiletry access, medical help, WiFi, airport transfers, in-room dining, and access to concierges are some of the services a hotel offers, but a home rental may not. Hostels do not provide all these luxuries, but one may find family-style dinners, city maps, and discounts on bar crawls, guided tours, and adventure sports.

Travel companions

Travel companions

Who you travel with is a deciding factor when traveling. As a solo traveler, a dorm makes more sense than a hotel. If you have a company, renting a hotel or a home rental is an alternative to have some privacy. If you happen to be traveling with a large group, go for a home rental as it will help you experience luxury on a budget.


If you are sure that you would be spending time in your room and you want to spend all of your days walking around the city and experiencing the breathtaking sights, then a dorm would be sufficient. If you would be spending a lot of time indoors or planning on reading by the pool, get a beautiful villa or a hotel that suits your budget.

Language skills

If you are visiting a place where you do not understand the language they speak, a hotel would be a great option due to their multilingual staff. If you have a grasp of the local language, consider a rental where you can cook meals and converse with the owners, and know more about the locality and the place in general.

Katherine Hall

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