October 3, 2021

How to Make Any Hotel Stay Way More Fun

When we are planning a trip, people do not think much about the hotel. They spend most of the time planning sightseeing, camping, travelling, etc. Hotels are only seen as a place where you will crash after getting exhausted from the day's activities. So, you just book the one that fits into your budget. This article is about to change the perception of readers and travellers about staying in hotels. Here are some ways in which we can make our stay merrier.

Laughing our hearts out

You may want to try and ease the air by starting a laughing fit while you are having snacks. Your group can take permission to sing a song for other guests or just share your stories. Laughter is infectious and people will catch on soon enough after you start a laughing chain reaction.

flash mob

Hallways are good for a flash mob

You can practice your moves in the labyrinthine hallways of resorts and casinos that remain empty most of the time. You can practice your forward flips, backward flips, and cartwheel, and the plush carpeting and soft lights will make a perfect background for showing off your talents.

Party and let others party too

You can invite random finds you made at your laughing gigs and throw an intimate in-room party with friends. It is sweet memories like this that people long after the trip is over. So, invite in some people and get your hands on the right kind of booze for a blast in the room.

Become Zack and Cody

Every millennial was obsessed with living like Zack and Cody. You can re-enact a famous hotel scene from the most cherished American sitcom or you may feel like Julia Roberts singing in the bathtub. Or you may just watch a movie in the resort’s theatre just like The Grand Budapest Hotel. Maybe you may stumble upon a mystery to solve!

Celebrate your birthday on the grounds

The hotels maintain your private information in their database and they will know if any of their guests are having their birthdays while they are residing with them. It is a courtesy of the hotel to send some flowers and a treat that befits the guest. You may get a bottle of champagne if you are an adult or a big fat cake if you are a kid.

Spa your worries away!

Your resort might have a spa with attractive ladies hammer and pound your body with a rocking body-to-body soapy massage like those found in Thailand.

If it doesn't have one, do not worry. All you need is a plush robe, a playlist of soothing classic tunes, and running hot water.

Take the shower in hot water and it will blow the steam. Just stay there after showers to soak the heat up with some cucumber slices.

Hotels for nighty night

Booking a comfy hotel is most important as you do not want to ruin your trip because of bugs in the bed and sanitary issues. Always do your research before booking your suite.

Katherine Hall

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